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Finland’s largest weekly periodical


Apu tours the country and tells what is really going on in Finland. Apu is well-known by everyone and offers good reading material, discussion topics and useful information every week. In addition to the topical articles, the magazine’s regular themes include health and travelling. Each issue ends with an enchanting nature story.

The reader: Finnish men and women who build wellbeing and value their health and environment.

Media info
  • Circulation: 128 059 (LT 2015)
  • Readership: 366 000 (KMT 2017)
  • Editor-in-chief: Marja Aarnipuro
Editorial calendar
IssueOn saleClosingContents Apu. Shed those Christmas kilos. Vegetarian food for the whole family. Kiminkinen. 3 x mandarine flavour. Consumer test.
319.1.11.1.Travel extra. Hua Hin and Gran Canaria. Nutty apetizers. Making sense of food claims: fats
426. schools theme issue. Ask Kiminkinen. Warm sandwiches. Apu. Making sense of food claims: sugar. Kiminkinen. 3 x avocado. Mexico
716.2.8.2.Making sense of food claims: salt. 3 x pancakes. Consumer test.
823.2.15.2.Birthday Apu 84 years. Ask Kiminkinen. Sweet rolls. sense of food claims: grains. Children's jungle themed birthday party. Valencia. Kiminkinen. Replace wheat with vegetables.
1116.3.8.3.Making sense of food claims: processed food. Egg dishes. Consumer test.
1223.3.15.3.Ask Kiminkinen. Good chicken dishes. Menorca.
1330.3.22.3.IBD (inflammatory bowel diseases). Quark pastries for easter. Apu. Ask Kiminkinen. Easter menu + drinks guide.
1513.4.5.4.Easter. Asparagus. Rodos. Consumer test.
1620.4.10.4.Ask Kiminkinen. Cheese cake
1727.4.19.4.Health benefits of music. May Day fritters. Estonia extra. Apu. Spring garden 1. Ask Kiminkinen. Fish dishes. Lake Garda.
1911.5.3.5.Spring garden 2. Latest facts on Alzheimer's. A Mother's Day cake. Consumer test.
2018.5.10.5.Spring garden 3. Ask Kiminkinen. A sandwich cake for spring parties.
2124.5.16.5.Spring garden 4. A graduation party buffet. Malaga. Apu. Finland's castles. Ask Kiminkinen. Rhubarb treats. Apu. Finland's castles. Wild herbs. Consumer test.
2415.6.7.6.Summer Apu begins. Finland's castles. Ask Kiminkinen. The summer's best herring. Biking in Åland.
25-2622.6.12.6.Finland's castles. Care for bit by bit: the mouth. Ask Kiminkinen. A midsummer menu + drinks guide. Summer tips for Stockholm. Apu. Finland's castles. The summer's best meat for the barbecue. A holiday day in Helsinki.
2813.7.5.7.Ask Kiminkinen. Blueberry raspberry pastries. Consumer test. The Archipelago Trail.
2920.7.12.7.Treat bit by bit: the eyes. 3 x salad.
3027.7.19.7.Ask Kiminkinen. 3 x courgette. The boater's Saimaa.
313.8.26.7.Big Apu. Care for bit by bit: the ears. Baking with chanterelles.
3210.8.2.8.Ask Kiminkinen. 3 x Brita cake. Consumer test.
3317.8.9.8.Autumn garden 1. Care for bit by bit: the brain. 5 raw ingredients for weekday dishes. Madrid.
3424.8.16.8.Autumn garden 2. Ask Kiminkinen. End of summer party menu.
3531.8.23.8.Autumn garden 3. Care for bit by bit: the lungs. Pasta dishes.
367.9.30.8.Big Apu. Autumn garden 4. Ask Kiminkinen. A canning bee. Rome.
3714.9.6.9.Care for bit by bit: the heart. Lingonberry pastries. Koli.
3821.9.13.9.Ask Kiminkinen. 3 x aubergine.
3928.9.20.9.Care for bit by bit: the stomach and intestines. Pizza. A spa holiday in Budapest.
405.10.27.9.Big Apu. Geneology. Ask Kiminkinen. The best oven dishes.
4112.10.4.10.Geneology. 3 x bread. Consumer test.
4219.10.11.10.Geneology. Ask Kiminkinen. Fun Halloween treats.
4326.10.18.10.Geneology. Autumn mince meat dishes.
442.11.25.10.Big Apu. Ask Kiminkinen. Marzipan pastries. Sri Lanka.
459.11.1.11.Chocolate treats for Dad!
4616.11.8.11.Ask Kiminkinen. 3 x kale. Consumer test.
4723.11.15.11.Mulled wine treats for Christmas parties
4830.11.22.11.The Presidents. Ask Kiminkinen. An Independence Day menu: Finland 100th anniversary + celebration year beverage guide. Estonia extra.
497.12.28.11.Big Apu. The presidents. Biscuits for gifts or bazaars. 3 x ham. Consumer test.
5014.12.5.12.The presidents. Ask Kiminkinen. Christmas pastries. Miami.
51-5221.12.11.12.The presidents. Ask Kiminkinen. A Christmas fish menu + beverage guide.


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