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Apu Matka is the whole nation’s travelling magazine that makes travelling easy and safe. It presents the Finns’ most popular destinations and offers ideas about new favourites, both in Finland and abroad. The magazine has plenty of useful materials: addresses, recipes, event calendars, packing tips and health advice.

The reader: Finnish adults interested in foreign countries and travelling.

  • Print-run 45 000.

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  • Editor-in-chief: Marja Aarnipuro
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Apu Matka
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126.4.20175.4.2017Croatia. Mallorca. Greece. Finland's best rest stops and camping areas. Holiday in a rental cottage. Joga retreat in Thailand and Finland. Whitewater rafting in Koli. Adult interrail. Formula trip to Monaco and Nice.
24.10.201714.9.2017Mexico. Paris. Bangkok. Budapest. Tallinn. Cultural trip to the capital region. Rent a house or apartment in Europe.