Apu Terveys

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Reliable information about health and illnesses


Apu Terveys offers reliable, practical information about health, weight watching, exercise, food and nutrition. The people making the magazine are the field’s best professionals and the experts are Finnish top researchers and doctors. 

The reader: Adult women and men interested in their own health and the health of their loved ones.

Media info
  • Circulation: 39 860 (LT 2015)
  • Readership: 152 000 (KMT 2017)
  • Editor-in-chief: Marja Aarnipuro
Editorial calendar
Apu Terveys
IssueOn saleClsingContents
118.1.201727.12.2016Do something healthy, drop a few kilos. Your teeth. is dry, what should I do? Artificial joints.
329.3.9.3.A menopause survival guide. Your hands and feet. guide to good sleep. Your heart. and strengthen your back. Blood thinners. Your breasts.
612.7.21.6.When desires are different, what to do? Erectile dysfunction medicines. Your jaw.
716.8.27.7.Big nutrition issue. Your hair.
820.9.31.8.Be good to your heart. Medication for coronary patients. Your eyes.
925.10.5.10.Ease pain fast. Your face.
1029.11.9.11.Here's how you take care of your joints. Your organs.