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Finland’s largest medium for interior decorating


Avotakka is a well-known and valued media brand of interior decorating, which offers new, fresh ideas for enthusiastic decorators. Avotakka presents its readers with the most beautiful homes, latest interior decorating solutions, most interesting people and phenomena as well as the best new products.

The reader: Consumers interested in interior decorating, housing and high-quality design, who are happy to invest more in interior decorating purchases in exchange for better quality.

Media info
  • Circulation: 61 982 (LT 2015)
  • Readership: 256 000 (KMT 2017)
  • Editor-in-chief: Kari-Otso Nevaluoma
Editorial calendar
14.1.20187.12.2017Freshen up with colours, wall papers and surface materials. Decorate with classics. Fireplaces.
28.2.201816.1.2018Bathroom. Bedroom, beds and textiles. Flooring materials.
38.3.201813.2.2018Kitchen life. Furnishing lounges. Decorate with art.,
45.4.201813.3.2018Enjoyable garden, terrace and balcony. Potted plants. Summer kitchens and equipment.
53.5.201810.4.2018Home party - dishware, glasses and textiles. Dining sets. Hot tub or Jacuzzi?
67.6.201815.5.2018Decorating holiday homes. Summer bedrooms and the ABCs of a good night's sleep. Terrace furniture.,
75.7.201812.6.2018Housing Fair. New colour map for your home. Sauna.,
82.8.201810.7.2018Beautiful table settings. Storage. Children's rooms. Work areas.,
96.9.201814.8.2018Habitare. This autumn's new furniture and surface materials. Bathroom. Wallpapers.,
104.10.201811.9.2018Interior design textiles. Indoor plants. Lighting. Outdoor and garden lighting.,
111.11.20189.10.2018A fairy-tale Christmas. Kitchen. Gifts for decorators.,
125.12.201813.11.2018Beautiful table settings - dishware, textiles. Everything about bedcovers. Small homes.
Features in all issues: food & drink plus plants/gardening tips.,


Meilläkotona.fi brings together the most attractive content and solutions of interior decorating, renovating, building, gardening and DIY projects. The content is produced by professional journalists, who are deeply familiar with the subjects, and opinion leaders blogging about housing, decorating and gardening.

The Meillä kotona Newsletter compiles weekly the best ideas for interior decorating and home renovating as well as tips for the home and garden.

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