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100% for young women


Demi is the favourite brand of young women and a phenomenon that reaches over 50% of its target group. Demi’s stories entertain, embolden and encourage. The magazine’s subjects range from beauty, fashion, health and relationships to entertainment, hobbies and studies.

The reader: 15–19-year-old young women who actively influence their own and their family’s consumer decisions.

Media info
  • Circulation: 38 418 (LT 2015)
  • Readership: 113 000 (KMT 2017)
  • Editor-in-chief: Anni Lintula
Editorial calendar
110.1.201815.12.2017Body positivity: 100 tips for feeling good. Menstruation and sanitary products. Visiting the gynecologist. Valentine's Day.
221.2.201831.1.2018Girl boss. Find your dream study place and profession. Guide to being an entrepreneur. Student tips. Language courses and studying abroad.
328.3.20186.3.2018Tube by Demi. 100 love stories (+ 2 separations).
425.4.20184.4.2018Demi Party! Beauty and fashion tips for parties.  Styling products and curling irons. Hair colours. Hair ornaments.
5-6'30.5.20188.5.2018Big summer extra: things to do for the whole summer! Travel. Friendship. Festivals. Gigs. Swimsuits & bikinis. Sun creams.
74.7.201811.6.2018Strong & beautiful: love your body. Special skin care edition. Moisturisers. After sun creams. Hair removal. Cleansing products.
825.7.20183.7.2018Tube by Demi.
915.8.201824.7.2018Big autumn fashion edition. School supplies. Hobbies. Training. Cars.
1019.9.201829.8.2018Demi Word: Start using words. Books and short stories. Extra theme: money and saving. Study tips.
1124.10.20183.10.2018DemiTech: Demi demands more time on screen. Phones. Cameras. Computers. Tablets. Extra theme: Akne Awards. Halloween.
1228.11.20187.11.2018Demi for Xmas: Dream presents for you and your partner. Best cosmetics products of the year. Makeup.


In young people share their thoughts and ask for advice in all possible matters. The service has a group of popular YouTubers, whose channels have over 300,000 subscribers. 

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