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The most respected women’s magazine brand in Finland


Kauneus & Terveys is a forward-looking woman’s guide to feeling good. It helps the reader to bring out the best in them and offers topical information on matters related to looks, health, exercise, nutrition and weight watching. Kauneus & Terveys is lively and close to everyday life – without forgetting the dreams.

The reader: Active, working-age women who are interested in wellbeing and beauty.

Media info
  • Circulation: 52 514 (LT 2015)
  • Readership: 187 000 (KMT 2017)
  • Editor-in-chief: Ulla Veirto
Editorial calendar
Kauneus & Terveys
IssueOn saleClosingContents
15.1.20177.12.New diets and weight control. Recipes, proteins and supplements. New workouts for the sports enthusiast. Body toning and moisturizing. creams guide. Night creams. The best beds, sleeping tips. Gluten-free baking. Ready meals.
323.2.31.1.Makeover issue: style changes. Eyeglasses. Dental treatments. The body and plastic surgery. Strong bones.
416.3.21.2.Health extra. Medicine for the whole family. Intimate hygiene. Gastric problems.  The best pharmacy products. Smoothies, protein powders, green powders. Vegetarian dishes. extra. Training programs. New gear. New exercise workouts. Beauty tips. Recipes for the sports enthusiast. Joints health. issue. The best of low-cost cosmetics. New perfumes and fragrances. New spring style. Vaccinations. Sunscreens.
724.5.2.5.Healthy summer treats and barbecue dishes. Weight control. Makeup. Swim wear. Sunglasses. Beautiful teeth.
815.6.23.5.Summer beauty. Hair: care and styles. Exercise events. Weight control. Contraception. Sex. issue. Health tips for the holidaymaker. Hair. Sauna beauty. Wellbeing gifts. Body moisturizing. A preview of autumn fashion. Menopause. Super foods. and weight control. Get in shape after summer. The best body lotions, washes and scrubs. Get your back in shape.
1124.8.1.8.Beauty issue. Best autumn purchases: clothes for work, shoes, eyeglasses. Hair treatments. This is how to avoid the flu. Fodmap diet.
1214.9.22.8.Training extra. Training programs. New gear. Repetitive strain injuries and pain management. Beauty tips. The sports enthusiast's best recipes. Convenience food. your nutrition. Nutritional supplements and vitamins. Digestive wellbeing. Milk substitutes. Light therapy lamps. Skin care. New shoes and bags.
1426.10.3.10.Wellbeing and vigour! Sleeping well and feeling good at work. The best luxury cosmetics. Skin care. Active holidays close to home.
1516.11.24.10.Hair issue. Hair dyes. Christmas party season. New fragrances. Jewelry. Combination skin care. The new health trends: tools, equipment, services. Recipes for sugar-free treats. 10 best beauty products. Wellbeing gift tips. Party makeup. Weight control. Healthy party foods.


Kauneusjaterveys.fi provides solutions for the daily problems of beauty and wellbeing. The service offers interaction with other users, interesting bloggers and reliable specialists in the field. 

The Kauneus & Terveys Newsletter always includes the most current tips and topics about nutrition, exercise and beauty.

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