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Everyday lifestyle medium


Kotivinkki makes everyday life go smoother and brings joy and inspiration to life. It focuses on food, interior decorating and home life, wellbeing and health, usable fashion and beauty.

The reader: Women between 30 and 60 years of age living their busiest years, who enjoy domestic life.

Media info
  • Circulation: 83 054 (LT 2015)
  • Readership: 210 000 (KMT 2017)
  • Magazine reading time: 55 min
  • Editor-in-chief: Elisa Helavuori, vt.
Editorial calendar
IssueOn saleClosingContents clothes and gear. Cook light. Fragrance-free beauty. Vitamins for the whole family. Armchairs. a small budget extra. Kotivinkki's big large skimping issue: best tips for an affordable everyday life. sweet for Valentine's Day: gifts & treats. Sweet and savoury pies. Hands and nails. Decorate a lovely winter nest.
422.2.31.1.Cleaning & organizing extra. The best advice for house cleaning and getting the clutter under control. beautiful kitchen on a small budjet (small items, textiles, appliances). Home digi guide. Contraception. Moisture for your hair.
622.3.28.2.Big Easter extra. Food, baking, DIY, decoration, table setting, interior decoration, textiles. Decoration extra. A small surface renovation: wallpaper, paint, tiles. Gluten-free baking. Beautiful feet. Insomnia.
819.4.24.3.Garden and balcony extra. The best ideas & innovations for the garden, terrace and greenhouse. fish dishes. Style your lingerie. Family exercise. Take care of allergy. Sun creams.
1017.5.24.4.Celebration extra. Delicacies, table settings, decor, flowers, drinks, fashion + beauty.
1131.5.8.5.Vegetarian dishes for the whole family. Get headaches under control. Ecological detergents. The best children's parties ever.
1214.6.22.5.Finland summer extra. The best of Finland for the garden, sauna, grill, table, travel.
1328.6.6.6.Cool ice cream treats. Restore & tweek. Get sweating under control. Caring for & cutting children's hair. Body care.
1412.7.19.6.Cottage extra. Decor, housewarming gifts, activities, food, beverages, textiles, table setting. start: gear, snacks & clothes. Help for skin rashes. Decorating the vestibule. Easy foundations.
1623.8.1.8.Wellness extra. Health, nutrition, hygiene, exercise, hobbies. Home insurance. TV selection guide + stands. Indoor plants. Menopausal discomfort under control. Hair styling.
1820.9.29.8.Autumn interior decorating extra. The most beautiful furniture, lighting, surface materials and ornaments of the season. decor on a budget. The flu. Quick chicken dishes. Household detergents. Buyer's guide: pots and pans.
2018.10.26.9.Find your style extra. Fashion, beauty, hairstyles, accessories, expert guidance.
211.11. 10.10.Kotivinkki's best choices of the year. Food, drink, cleaning, beauty, wellbeing, fashion, interior design, garden.
2215.11.17.10.Finland 100 extra. Independence Day celebration food, drinks, table setting, tableware, textiles, interior design.
2329.11.7.11. Christmas baking. Relief from heartburn. Weekend vacations. Small household appliances.
2413.12.21.11.Wonderful Christmas extra. Treats, dishes, pastries, beverages, decorations, gift tips for the whole family.


The most popular content of Kotivinkki.fi are the cooking and baking recipes and topics related to interior decorating, crafts and Easter and Christmas seasons. Online, the readers participate actively in making the magazine and take part in the competitions and the discussions of the Facebook community. 

The weekly Kotivinkki Newsletter has the most delicious recipes of the season and articles about topical matters  related to home and family life.


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