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Expert on cabin life


Meidän Mökki is the largest Finnish brand of recreational housing. This warm-hearted companion of a holiday-home owner is a diverse and practical guide to recreational housing and encourages and instructs the readers in all procurements of recreational housing.

The reader: Finnish holiday-home owners and those interested in cabin life, active cabin enthusiasts who are willing to invest more than average in purchases related to recreational housing.

Media info
  • Circulation: 35 312 (LT 2015)
  • Readership: 170 000 (KMT 2017)
  • Editor-in-chief: Mervi Turunen
Editorial calendar
Meidän Mökki
117.1.201827.12.2017Build a cottage: turnkey cottage packages and new interior decorating ideas.
214.2.201824.1.2018Get your cottage in shape, how to renovate. Smart cottage kitchen renovation. Fireplaces.
314.3.201821.2.2018Ideas for a lovely cottage garden. Small sauna cottages & guest homes.
44.4.20189.3.2018Opening of the cottage season. Grills, summer kitchens and terraces. Turn your cottage yard into a garden.
59.5.201817.4.2018Fun by the water, life on the pier. Hot tubs and Jacuzzis. Outdoor furniture. Summer flowers for your cottage.
613.6.201823.5.2018Finnish sauna. Big sauna theme. Beautiful Midsummer parties.
718.7.201827.6.2018Into nature, peace and quiet. Tours, travel, your own cottage garden. Time to furnish, pick berries and mushrooms. Allotment gardens.
815.8.201824.7.2018Beautiful light: brilliant lighting ideas for August. Ideas for Venetian and end-of-summer parties.
919.9.201829.8.2018Warm atmosphere. Hygge comes to the cottage. Textiles, interior decorating ideas. Fireplaces and heating.
1024.10.20183.10.2018Winter is coming - get your cottage in shape. Prepare for next summer: 100 ideas for renovating, for the garden, for decorating and for food.
11-12'28.11.20187.11.2018Big winter double issue. Christmas at your cotttage. Could you move to your cottage? Reader gift!