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Expert on cabin life


Meidän Mökki is the largest Finnish brand of recreational housing. This warm-hearted companion of a holiday-home owner is a diverse and practical guide to recreational housing and encourages and instructs the readers in all procurements of recreational housing.

The reader: Finnish holiday-home owners and those interested in cabin life, active cabin enthusiasts who are willing to invest more than average in purchases related to recreational housing.

Media info
  • Circulation: 35 312 (LT 2015)
  • Readership: 170 000 (KMT 2017)
  • Editor-in-chief: Mervi Turunen
Editorial calendar
Meidän Mökki
IssueOn saleClosingContents overview: Trends & models. New construction. Kitchens. Heating.
315.3.21.2.Sauna cabins. Sauna stoves & benches. Extensions. season opening. Terraces. Outbuildings. Boats and motors.
510.5.18.4.The garden. Barbecue season opening: Let's eat together. Special theme: In nature - hobbies & fishing.
614.6.22.5.Summer kitchens. Docks. Outdoor painting.
719.7.27.6.Meidän Mökki 20 years: The most beautiful leisure apartments & villas. Guest houses.
816.8.25.7.The ABCs of cottage renovation: walls. Autumn garden. The harvest: let's eat together.
920.9.29.8.The ABCs of cottage renovation: floors. Fireplaces. Storage.
1018.10.26.9.The ABCs of cottage renovation: heating. Kitchens.
1115.11.24.10.Christmas at the cottage. Finnish sauna 100 years.
1220.12.27.11.Year-round summer cottage living. Wintertime hobbies