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Detached house as a way of life


Meidän talo is the go-to media for family home residents; it helps interior decorators, gardeners, builders and renovators to make smart choices. Meidän talo offers its readers both useful information and inspiring ideas on how to make their life in a detached house even better.

The reader: Residents and builders of detached houses as well as men and women dreaming of their own house who see living in and maintaining a detached house as their shared hobby.

Media info
  • Circulation: 42 619 (LT 2015)
  • Readership: 160 000 (KMT 2017)
  • Editor-in-chief: Titta Kiuru
Editorial calendar
Meidän talo
110.1.201815.12.2017Successful bathroom renovation. New tiles. Housing loans.,,
27.2.201817.1.2018Kitchen trends in 2018. Lovely old houses: Renovating houses from the 1970s.,,
37.3.201814.2.2018SPECIAL EDITION FOR BUILDERS. House packages. Home insurance.  ,,
44.4.20189.3.2018Garden extra: designing your garden, summer kitchens, lawns. Roof renovations. Solar energy.
52.5.20189.4.2018Garden extra: paving stones, greenhouses, hot tubs. Heat pumps. Lovely old houses: log houses.
66.6.201816.5.2018Housing Fair preview. Terraces. Sauna renovations.,,
711.7.201819.6.2018BIG HOUSING FAIR EDITION. Window renovations. ,,
88.8.201818.7.2018New home! (changing homes, condition surveys, insurance). Sauna renovations.
95.9.201815.8.2018We find out: WHAT IS THE COST OF LIVING? Fireplace extra. ,,
103.10.201813.9.2018SPECIAL THEME: DAMP AND MILDEW DAMAGE. Geothermal heating. Garden lighting. ,,
1131.10.201810.10.2018SPECIAL EDITION FOR BUILDERS. Kitchen renovations.  ,,
125.12.201814.11.2018Lovely old houses: veteran houses. ,,


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The Meillä kotona Newsletter compiles weekly the best ideas for interior decorating and home renovating as well as tips for the home and garden.

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