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The most experiential medium of cars and traffic


Tuulilasi is for the Finnish motorists. It offers reliable and objective information and helps the reader make the right choices. The diverse tests and comparisons of Tuulilasi evaluate cars from the perspective of Finnish conditions. Tests are carried out by Ossi Oikarinen, a familiar name in the Formula 1 world.

The reader: Men who are passionate about cars and driving.

Media info
  • Circulation: 49 468 (LT 2015)
  • Readership: 198 000 (KMT 2017)
  • Editor-in-chief: Olli Koivusalo
Editorial calendar
14.1.20188.12.2017Winter driving
21.2.201810.1.2018New models and used cars
31.3.20187.2.2018Summer tyre comparison
45.4.20189.3.2018Newest trends in the car world
526.4.20184.4.2018Classics and used cars
63.5.201811.4.2018Driving holidays
77.6.201816.5.2018Hottest new cars of the summer
85.7.201811.6.2018Convertible car comparison
92.8.201810.7.2018Optional equipment
106.9.201815.8.2018Big winter tyre comparison
114.10.201812.9.2018Top SUVs
1218.10.201826.9.2018Future of motoring
131.11.201810.10.2018Purchasing cars abroad
145.12.201814.11.2018Electric car test final report


Tuulilasi.fi has an iron grip on topical matters of cars and traffic, without forgetting motor sports. Every day, Tuulilasi makes videos that present its strong expertise to the consumers in interesting ways, in situations where the visitors are considering changing or buying a car. 

The Tuulilasi Newsletter shares the most topical subjects about cars, traffic, the car market and its phenomena to its male-dominated target group.

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