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Delightful interior decorating medium


Unelmien Talo&Koti is a happy and active brand rich with ideas that creates joy and encourages readers to decorate more bravely. It gives plenty of ideas for home decorating, gardening and baking and cooking delicious pastries and meals. The magazine’s DIY instructions are the readers’ favourites.

The reader: A young woman with a family who constantly decorates and updates her home. She both repurposes and makes from scratch, but she is always also buying something new and usually consumes more in the store than she had planned.

Media info
  • Circulation: 58 564 (LT 2015)
  • Readership: 195 000 (KMT 2017)
  • Editor-in-chief: Elisa Helavuori, vt.
Editorial calendar
Unelmien Talo&Koti
127.12.201730.11.2017New trends in interior design. Lovely winter feel for your living room. Fun tips for bathrooms and utility rooms. Tiles. Fireplaces.
231.1.201810.1.2018Save money when decorating. Affordable interior design finds. New ideas for your kitchen. Floors.
328.2.20187.2.2018Colourful spring. New wallpapers and paints. Colourful homes. Great storage ideas. Vestibules. Spring flowers. Easter DIY ideas.
428.3.20187.3.2018Big garden and yard edition. Lovely garden houses. New style for balconies and terraces. Summerhouses. Bedrooms.
525.4.20184.4.2018Get your home in festive shape. Pretty table settings. Beautiful dining rooms. Easy treats for your coffee table. Garden furniture.
630.5.20188.5.2018Lovely cottages & summer homes. Decorate like a villa. Fun ideas for summer kitchens. New style for your sauna. Sweet peonies.
727.6.20186.6.2018Inspiring ideas from the Housing Fair. New wallpapers. Sweet summer homes. Children's rooms. Play cottages.
81.8.201811.7.2018Get your life in order. Top tips for work rooms. Cabinets and drawers. Mood lighting for indoors and out.
929.8.20188.8.2018Big autumn decorating edition. New ideas for your living room. Beautiful homes. Wallpapers & paints. Sofas and rugs.
1026.9.20185.9.2018Lovely old houses. Lamps. Lanterns and outdoor lighting. Big DIY extra. Houseplants. Bedrooms.
1131.10.201810.10.2018Ideas for small homes. Top decorating ideas for small homes. Kitchens. Most desirable home appliances. Top DIY gift ideas.
1228.11.20187.11.2018Festive Christmas. Beautiful Christmas homes. Affordable decorating gift ideas. Blankets. Christmas cakes. Table settings.


Meilläkotona.fi brings together the most attractive content and solutions of interior decorating, renovating, building, gardening and DIY projects. The content is produced by professional journalists, who are deeply familiar with the subjects, and opinion leaders blogging about housing, decorating and gardening.

The Meillä kotona Newsletter compiles weekly the best ideas for interior decorating and home renovating as well as tips for the home and garden.

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