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Expert medium on gardening


Viherpiha is the most experience-rich, attractive and reliable producer of gardening-related content in Finland. It is a community of enthusiastic people with green thumbs that gives the best tips and ideas during all seasons so that both beginners and more experienced gardeners can succeed well.

The reader: Consumption-driven and passionate home gardener, who constantly renews and improves their garden.

Media info
  • Circulation: 67 396 (LT 2015)
  • Readership: 244 000 (KMT 2017)
  • Editor-in-chief: Auli Honkanen
Editorial calendar
IssueOn saleClosingContents garden style guide. Growing chillis. Build a handy seedling shelf. Wonderful garden in Lapland and Åland. at home. Geraniums. Creating a forest garden. Build a perforated shelf for herbs and summer flowers. Garden seasons.
315.3.21.2.Pansies and fragrant herbs. The most beautiful potted plants for spring. Build a gardener's work bench. Creating a green roof. vegetable garden, a special theme. New series: The ABCs of a market garden. Stunningly beautiful spring gardens.
526.4.3.4.Lovely spring issue. Decorative plants for small gardens. Build a flower box. Tulips, primroses, fuchsias. Create a rock garden.
617.5.24.4.Summer furniture and plants to the garden, balcony and terrace. Balcony box plants. Useful plants in pots and pallet boxes. Planting designs for the shady garden.
714.6.22.5.Planting in pots for the terrace, the balcony and the entrance. Growing lilies. Jobs to do now in the summer market garden and the harvest.
812.7.19.6.Garden do-it-yourself theme issue: building and handicrafts. Planting guide for a sunny slope. Pruning grapevines. Tips for potted plants.
916.8.25.7.Harvest theme. The ABCs of a market garden: preserve, plant and sow correctly. Planting plans for a semi-shady garden. The most splendid autumn perennials.
1020.9.29.8.Ensure next spring's floral splendor. Tulip enthusiast's tips. Ornamental berry plants. Nurseries of the North. Growing apples.
1125.10.3.10.Yards and gardens in neighboring countries. Planting tips for a windy garden. Building stone paths.
1229.11.7.11.The most beautiful Christmas flower arrangements. Growing mother-in-law's tongue. Caring for fruit trees. Planting areas with beautiful borders.


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