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Expert medium on gardening


Viherpiha is the most experience-rich, attractive and reliable producer of gardening-related content in Finland. It is a community of enthusiastic people with green thumbs that gives the best tips and ideas during all seasons so that both beginners and more experienced gardeners can succeed well.

The reader: Consumption-driven and passionate home gardener, who constantly renews and improves their garden.

Media info
  • Circulation: 67 396 (LT 2015)
  • Readership: 244 000 (KMT 2017)
  • Editor-in-chief: Auli Honkanen
Editorial calendar
124.1.20182.1.2018Designing and building a modern water theme.
221.2.201830.1.2018Garden design ABC: Find the most suitable surface materials and structures for your garden. Trendy plants.
321.3.201827.2.2018Cutest Easter flower arrangements. Begin growing your sapplings. Construct a convenient plant shelf. Inviting entrances.
425.4.20183.4.2018Healthy food from herb gardens. Construct a sturdy frame for tomato plants. Tips for designing a garden for kids.
523.5.201830.4.2018Ideas for your furnishing and decorating your balcony and terrace with plants and flower pots.
620.6.201829.5.2018Plant a blossoming garden: A garden designer provides tips for selecting plants. Construct a vine frame out of wire mesh.
725.7.20182.7.2018Garden designer's tips for designing a sauna terrace: Hot tub or Jacuzzi, or maybe a nice campfire area?
822.8.201831.7.2018Trimming cherry trees and plum trees - the right tools for the job. Trendy coleus ideal as a potted plant.
919.9.201828.8.2018Garden lighting provides security and a nice atmosphere. Use flowering heather to extend the colours in your garden and on your balcony. Tips for vine growers.
1024.10.20182.10.2018Fix up your greenhouse before winter. Armchair trip to summer gardens.
1128.11.20185.11.2018Lovely Christmas edition full of fun Christmas flower tips!


Meillä brings together the most attractive content and solutions of interior decorating, renovating, building, gardening and DIY projects. The content is produced by professional journalists, who are deeply familiar with the subjects, and opinion leaders blogging about housing, decorating and gardening.

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