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Medium for wellbeing and a happy life


Voi Hyvin is a brand of a happy way of life, which offers concrete tips for a fashionably comfortable lifestyle and has an alternative perspective to health and beauty, nutrition, exercise and wellbeing. In every issue, Voi Hyvin has at least 101 ideas for a happy life.

The reader: An active woman who takes good care of herself, wants to increase her physical and mental wellbeing and improve her quality of life.

Media info
  • Circulation: 40 749 (LT 2015)
  • Readership: 161 000 (KMT 2017)
  • Editor-in-chief: Päivi Anttila
Editorial calendar
Voi Hyvin
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118.1.201713.12.2016Health for the winter. Food supplements. Winter exercise + gear. Weight loss. Sources of iron. Moisturizing skin care products. New pharmacy cosmetics. Joga. wellbeing. Gastrointestinal health. Lactic acid bacteria. Intimate ailments. Gluten-free recipes and products. Night creams and face masks. The ABC of mindfulness.
329.3.7.3.Fitness extra. Trainers. Minerals. Healthy fruits. A blow to allergies - desensitization and products. Home workout and gear. New colour cosmetics for spring. How to reduce stress and pain. New salon treatments. holidays. Power herbs and wild vegetables. Does collagen help? Feet and skin ready for summer. Sun protection, powders and blushes. Intimate hygiene. Hiking trails and wellness trips. Festive Recipes: Gluten-free and vegan. Intuition. summer parties. 10 best organic skincare products. Summer wines, smoking and grilling. Nature enthusiast's gear. Health food from the garden. Foods the heart likes. Fatty acid products. Prevent intimate ailments. Summer party makeup. Body lotions from the pharmacy and the cosmetics shelves. Elegance and passion.
619. of nature's own power remedies + food supplements. Baking with berries. A cyclist's gear. Travel pharmacy. Self care and favorite products. Gifts for the summer cottage visit. Beauty's natural cosmetics. Flower and color therapy. Breathe correctly.
723.8.1.8.Gentle exercise. Indoor exercise + types and gear. Sports centers' new workouts. Gym apparel. Healthy eyes. The gems of pharmacy cosmetics. Your own workout drinks + store-bought products. Home hair dyes. Versatile oats.
827.9.5.9.Aging. Anti-age products, cosmetics + beauty-boosting food supplements. Menopause. Beat winter depression. Nuts + seeds. Sources of protein. Relaxation and sleep. Autumn fitness holidays. From anger to compassion.
91.11. 10.10.Vitality from vitamins. Dryness in mucous membranes. Dental home care. Party hairstyles. Recycling.
1013.12.21.11.Intimacy and warmth. Chocolates and wines. Wellness gifts. Books. Special coffees + coffee machines. Activity trackers. Couperosa. Christmas spices. Recycle good.


Voihyvin.fi offers information on health and exercise and gives tips for feeling good. The most popular content of the site are various competitions and tests, which the visitors participate in actively. 

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