Voi Hyvin

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Medium for wellbeing and a happy life


Voi Hyvin is a brand of a happy way of life, which offers concrete tips for a fashionably comfortable lifestyle and has an alternative perspective to health and beauty, nutrition, exercise and wellbeing. In every issue, Voi Hyvin has at least 101 ideas for a happy life.

The reader: An active woman who takes good care of herself, wants to increase her physical and mental wellbeing and improve her quality of life.

Media info
  • Magazine readers: 161 000 (KMT 2017)
  • Editor in chief: Päivi Anttila
Editorial calendar
Voi Hyvin
117.1.201821.12.2017Therapeutic rest. High-quality sleep + sleep ergonomics. Best ways to relax. Mind and memory. Protein snacks. Pharmacy cosmetics.  
228.2.20187.2.2018Healing food. Health-promoting foods. Gluten-free diets. Smoothie competition. Wand blenders and other blenders. Oils. Healthy eyes.
328.3.20187.3.2018Healthy exercise. Equipment + monitors. Health-promoting spices. Living with allergies. Natural medicine. Minerals: magnesium.
42.5.20189.4.2018Nature and outdoor recreation. Wellness trips in Finland. 10 best natural cosmetics. Sun creams. Muscle care. Osteoporosis. Sports coats + backpacks.
56.6.201816.5.2018Green power foods. Power herbs and wild vegetables. Organic and farm wines. Colourful summer makeup. Foot care. Nutrients for vegans.
618.7.201827.6.2018Summer wellness extra. Self-care + favourite products among readers. Weight management. Shopping guide for organic and local food. Fragrances. Fashion-beauty-eco lifestyle.
729.8.20188.8.2018Menopause. Intimate products. Oral hygiene. Healthy stomachs. Lactic acid bacteria. Pelvic muscle training.
826.9.20185.9.2018Occupational wellbeing. Ocupational ergonomics. Fitness holidays. Energy nutrients and supplements. Gluten-free grain substitutes. Healthy nails. Pets.
931.10.201810.10.2018Build up your immunities for winter. Vitamin D. Meat substitutes. Meditation. Blood pressure. Salts. Healthy hair. Winter cycling gear.
1012.12.201820.11.2018Parties and get-togethers: Ethical wellness gifts. Book + wine recommendations. Small appliances. Party food for different diets. Relationships.


Voihyvin.fi offers information on health and exercise and gives tips for feeling good. The most popular content of the site are various competitions and tests, which the visitors participate in actively. 

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